Hawkesbury TV – En

Hawkesbury TV

FORMAT:  Monthly Podcast 

PROJECT LAUNCH:  January 2022


Regional newspapers and TV stations are in decline – a reality that is causing a loss of local coverage in our media. In addition, advertising revenues for local media are declining to the point where newspapers are more interested in the activities of their sponsors than in real local issues.

Hawkesbury TV is a comedy podcast with an editorial eye on local news.

Max Richard, local humorist, offers informative and entertaining reports, assisted by Cédrik Bertrand and Jonathan Duval. Hawkesbury TV also features investigations, interviews and sketches discussing current issues.

Hawkesbury TV is broadcasted on different web platforms. Hawkesbury TV episodes will be presented in video and audio format. 

This is an opportunity for our region to tell our stories and to share the debates necessary for the development of our community.

Hawkesbury TV is like Cable 11, but cheaper!