Our goal is to help our clients tell their stories and create engaging content.

We are community-driven and believe that positive messages, social programs, and services should have more place in this noisy world.

We can help businesses go beyond the usual online bragging and create content that matters through strategic social partnerships.

With our network, we can have custom solutions for any challenges.

Our 2 axes of service

Advertising Services

Advertising evolves at the rate of society. The advent of the Internet has come to disrupt the advertising bubble in which we lived. In the space of an instant, advertising has become more democratic, giving visibility to anyone with some technological knowledge. Although it is now easy to self-produce, poorly designed advertising can give you the opposite results from its original purpose. At Hawkmyer, we provide you with provoking and impactful advertisements that meet your audience. Our creativity will not leave anyone indifferent, especially not your competition!

Copywriting | Video & Audio | Design | Advertising Strategy

Consulting, Coaching & Management

Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur, decision-making is part of your daily life. However, some of them are more crucial than others and require more time, more research and more thought. Did you consider outside help ? At Hawkmyer, we will bring an external point of view to your projects while respecting your constraints. Do you dare challenge us ?

Marketing | Public Relations | Social Media Management | Organisational Processes & Habits

The Team

Max Richard Myre

Creative Director

Cédrik Bertrand


Jonathan Duval


Pier-Évan Larouche

Social Media Specialist

Mélanie Lalande


Yannick Thibodeau

Web Development