Who is Hawkmyer?

Hawkmyer is a creative agency located in Hawkesbury, Ontario, which specializes in storytelling for businesses, brands, organizations and NGOs.

Focused creativity is our game, and we tell stories using any means, from the page to the screen.

Through custom engaging content created for your target market, we will build an audience for your messages, services or products.

When we are not creating kick-ass content for our clients, we develop story ideas for film and television and produce entertainment for the masses.

What can we do for you?

Content Marketing

We have amazing news for you!

One: It is now much cheaper to reach thousands of people with branded, engaging videos and content than ever before.

Two: Through your social media accounts (if you don’t have any, we’ll make one for you), you can become your own broadcaster, getting your message, brand, products or services out there.

Three: For the price of a part-time employee, you could have access to our Super TeamTM (the name sucks, we are working on this) to create monthly content with your vision in mind.

Contact us to know more about our monthly packages. Let’s take your business or organization to the next level!

Video Productions

You’ve seen it. Nowadays, video is everywhere – and there’s a reason for that. It’s the best way to convey a message; to breathe life into ideas.

Hawkmyer is a professional video production agency with creativity to spare. Share your ideas with us and we’ll get the cameras rolling. Soon, your message, brand or charming personality will reach thousands of screens.

Original Content

Hawkmyer is looking forward to developing film, documentaries and TV series with its partners.

In the meantime, we write and produce personalized scripted ads for our clients’ businesses or organizations, conveying the right message to their target market.

Don’t forget: The best content makes people laugh, think, cry… But most of all, it makes people watch.

Creative Coaching

Whoever said meetings needed to be serious and boring can go back to the 50s. For a day, you and your team will be creative, productive, challenged and entertained.

What we want is to get your ideas out there and help you write your own success story.

Let us know what you and your team wish to achieve and we’ll drop by your office with your favourite food and spend the day leading a brainstorming session, focus group or team building exercise.

Some of our projects.

For more videos, take a look at our Facebook or Vimeo page to see what we’ve been up to.

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