Who is Hawkmyer?

A creative agency? Certainly!

A communication and marketing agency? Absolutely!

A coaching agency? Fully!

However, the best way to describe us would be to present ourselves as a solutions company!

Our strength lies in our ideas, our creativity, and our resilience to achieve results for our clients.

At Hawkmyer, we approach challenges with humility and solutions with confidence.

What can we do for you?


Advertising evolves at the rate of society.

The advent of the Internet has come to disrupt the advertising bubble in which we lived. In the space of an instant, advertising has become more democratic, giving visibility to anyone with some technological knowledge.

Although it is now easy to self-produce, poorly designed advertising can give you the opposite results from its original purpose.

At Hawkmyer, we provide you with provoking and impactful advertisements that meet your audience.

Our creativity will not leave anyone indifferent, especially not your competition!

Social Media Support & Management

Before the advent of social media, it was challenging to be in constant contact with its customers.

Consumers today have never been more connected to the companies and brands they love, but conversely, they have never been more unfaithful to them.

Your presence on social media is essential. The content you offer them is a direct reflection of the quality of your service, your products, and your business.

Our professionalism and speed of execution will provide you with peace of mind and an increased presence in your audience.

Consulting, Coaching & Management

Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur, decision-making is part of your daily life.

However, some of them are more crucial than others and require more time, more research, more thought.

Have you think of outside help?

At Hawkmyer, we will bring an external vision to your projects while respecting your constraints.

Our ingenuity, combined with our creative sense, makes us ideal consulting partners to find solutions.

Do you dare challenge us?

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